Direct Your Dollars and Direct Your Labels

At Forest Hills, we’re keeping it real local. We’ll always support our local communities, including local nonprofits, schools and faith-based organizations – and we invite our store guests to join us in those efforts.

With each trip to Forest Hills, you can support your favorite school or nonprofit in one of two ways, or you can double your impact by participating in both!

Direct Your Dollars:

Save the receipt from each visit to Forest Hills (or each Fast Lane order), and you can help your favorite local nonprofit, school or faith-based organization earn money through Direct Your Dollars. For every $150,000 in receipts participating organizations collect, Forest Hills – through our parent company, SpartanNash – will donate $1,000.

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Direct Your Labels

By buying your favorite Our Family brand products – and saving the UPC barcodes from those cans, boxes and bottles – you can help schools, faith-based and other community organizations earn money for textbooks, art supplies and more. For each bundle of 500 Our Family UPC barcodes collected, participating nonprofit organizations can earn $25.

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