Memorial Day Weekend Backyard Camping

Memorial Day Weekend is the classic kick-off to summer. While this year our Memorial Day is quite different, you can still have fun with camping with your family… in the back yard! Here are some tips, tricks and recipes to try to create a memorable Memorial Day while at home this weekend. 

Setting up tent in backyard
Dust off the tent and put it up anywhere in your yard. Pile in the sleeping bags, blankets & pillows. Toss in some flashlights and lanterns. Make sure to ditch those electronics to really feel like you’re getting off the grid. 

Kids in sleeping bags
The best part of camping… S’MORES! Nothing kicks summer off like the first s’more of the season. Try adding a Peanut Butter Cup, Hazelnut Spread, or any other favorite chocolate bar to the middle to kick it up a notch. 

Roasting marshmellows on campfire
Now that the kids are set with the s’mores, it’s cocktail time for the adults! This warmer weather pairs great with a refreshing Iced Tea. Here’s an easy way to make Tipsy Tea to sip around the bonfire. 

  • 1 shot of Whiskey 
  • Your favorite Iced Tea 
  • Fresh Squeezed Lemon 

Tipsy Tea
Create a Scavenger Hunt using items in your yard. (Identify specific flowers or plants, find different critters, clouds and more! You can get creative with any space you have.) 

backyard scavenger hunt for the kids

Rainy day? Bring the tent inside or create the ultimate blanket fort, use twinkle lights, a breakfast tray for a table and set up the smart tv to stream a bonfire. S’mores came be safely made in the microwave, on a gas stove with the help of a parent or in-home fireplace. Please make sure to use adult supervision with any bonfire or cooking. Happy Camping!

Indoor fort