Foolish Food Myths


Food Facts... No Fooling!

It's April Fool's Day and Nathan, your Living Well Specialist, thought today would be the perfect day to debunk some common food myths you may have been fooled into believing.

Myth 1: People living with diabetes can't eat sweet foods.

As long as you're following a healthy meal plan, it's perfectly okay to treat yourself to small portions of your favorite sweets on occasion.

Myth 2: Fat-free and low-fat foods are always better for you.

Fat-free and low-fat foods could be full of unhealthy chemicals and may contain just as many calories as their full-fat counterparts.

Myth 3: Frozen and canned fruits and veggies are less nutritious than fresh varieties.

Because produce that is going to be canned or frozen is processed immediately after they are harvested, they lose few nutrients, making their nutrient content comparable to — and sometimes higher than — fresh.

Myth 4: Eating gluten-free is guaranteed to help you lose weight.

Gluten-free foods are often packed with extra sugars and calories to enhance their taste, so be careful.

Myth 5: If the food label says "natural" it means organic or that it's a healthier choice.

Unlike organic foods, foods labeled "natural" aren't subject to FDA and USDA rules and regulations and may actually contain several heavily-processed ingredients.

Now that you know the facts, you won't be fooled again!