Tips For Cleaning Your Grill

person scrubbing grill grate with brush

Tips For Cleaning Your Grill

To keep your Grill in top condition, it’s recommended to clean your grill in the beginning of each grilling season. Here are some tips we like to use! 

Start by preheating your grill on high heat for about 10 - 20 minutes depending on the build up of leftover food/grease. 

After you have the grill nice and hot, make sure to turn the grill off and the gas tank off. You’ll then want to use a stiff wire brush to start cleaning the grates. You can dip your wire brush in water and dish soap to create steam on the warm grates to better release the built up food/grease. 

After you’ve brushed away the grim, take a towel to dry the grates followed by wiping some vegetable oil on the grates. This can prevent food from sticking during your next grill session. 

Once you’ve cleaned the grates if you’ve looking to get a deeper clean you can remove grates and get to work on the burners by removing and cleaning with wire brush and soap. 

Once burners are out, you can clean the remaining box of the grill with soap and your wire brush, followed by cleansing with a bucket of water or your hose. 

Reinstall the burners, place the grates back on, hook your gas back up and you’re ready for grilling season! Oh, and don’t forget the steak!