The Four Best Summer Cocktails

These classics are perfect for those hot days and nights.

Libations that beat the heat.

There are few things more refreshing than a cold, refreshing beverage on a hot day. With hot weather fast approaching, we put together a list of our favorite cocktails for the summer months.

Summer classic cocktails D&W Fresh Market

The Daiquiri

Forget about the red frozen nonsense that shares the same name, because it doesn't come close to the original. The classic Daiquiri, originating from Cuba, is the perfect blend of sour, sweet, and strong. Mix 1/2 tsp. of superfine sugar and 1/2oz. lime juice into a shaker. We recommend giving the sugar and lime juice a quick stir to dissolve the sugar. Add 2oz. your favorite silver rum and fill shaker with ice. Shake away, strain into a cocktail or martini glass, and garnish with a lime if you please.

Tip: Don't skimp on the rum - quality ingredients will yield quality drinks. We like Bacardi Silver as a safe bet.

Summer classic cocktails

The Negroni

What's not to love about Campari? The Italian aperitif liqueur, with big herbacious and citrus flavors, is the ultimate hot weather refreshment spirit. The Negroni is bitter, sweet, and delicious - perfect as a pre-dinner drink or a casual sipper.

Mix equal parts Gin, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth - with the standard being 1oz. for each, unless you want a larger or smaller portion (we're not judging). Garnish with a orange twist, and enjoy.

Summer classic cocktails

Sangria Blanco

The great thing about Sangria is that there's no real way to do it right. Cut up fruit you like - and put it in wine. The trick here is finding a decent white wine that compliments your fruit flavors. Portuguese Vinho Verde is a great varietal that plays nice with basically everything. Adding a 1/4 cup of quality blanco Mezcal per bottle of wine is a great way to give your Sangria some added depth. As pictured, we had apples, oranges and limes in our fruit basket, and it was fabulous.

Summer classic cocktails


Last, but certainly not least, is a drink that was made specifically for relief from the heat. A Mexican Cerveza preparada, similar to what we would consider a shandy, consists of beer mixed with spices and tomato juice. Think of a Bloody Mary, but with carbonation. If you like Bloody Mary's, the Michelada is your new favorite summer drink. We made ours with Modelo Especial, but any Mexican Cerveza will work great. Add your choice of tomato juice - about a 1/3 glass full, whatever spices and sauces you please, and top with your beer. We also rimmed the glass in Old Bay, you know, for that extra spicy kick.

We hope you have a great summer, and that these drinks will take the edge off of the heat!