National Ice Cream Month

July is for ice cream, and we're celebrating our favorite styles.

July is National Ice Cream Month!

I think we can all agree that whoever invented ice cream, regardless if it was a mistake or not, deserves some serious praise. This dessert is a staple in cultures around the globe, and has been for centuries!

In fact, ice cream is so popular in the United States, that it contributes almost 39 BILLION dollars to the economy - not too shabby for essentially frozen milk.

Here are a few of our favorite styles of ice cream from around the world.

Soft Serve National Ice Cream Month

Soft Serve

It's really difficult to not like soft serve. The creamy, smooth, fluffy rendition - usually enjoyed in a cone - has seen a renaissance as of late. Across the globe, more artisan ice cream shops are getting creative with flavors in their soft serve. You thought that the chocolate/vanilla swirl was pushing the limit? How about green tea soft serve? Or almond charcoal? 

And we're not kidding about the charcoal soft serve, it's all the rage these days.

Gelato National Ice Cream Month


An Italian delacacy, gelato is very similar to ice cream - only more dense and creamy. gelato tends to have more flavors influenced by nuts and fruits - and usually contains less butterfat than American ice cream. And, as you can see above, gelato looks really cool in display cases.

Rolled ice cream National Ice Cream Month

Rolled Ice Cream

The newest craze on American streets, rolled ice cream is fun to eat and even more fun to watch being made. A custard liquid is poured over solid toppings on a frozen surface, and the ingredients are all chopped up and mixed together. Once that's done, the mixture is flattened and rolled. This has been a popular street treat in Thailand for a while, and we're excited to see the trend come stateside.

And then, of course, there's the classic:

National Ice Cream Month

We'll admit, it's not as exciting as charcoal soft serve, or ice cream of the rolled variety; but there are few things better than a couple scoops of really good vanilla ice cream. The sweet and elegant creaminess is one of the reasons ice cream is as popular as it is today. 

So this July, treat yourself to a cup, cone, bowl, pint, or however you like.