Stewards Celebrate Repeal Day, 2018

Prohibition Era gangster movies, the stories of Al Capone, the mobsters, the flappers, the Speakeasies, the police raids, the budding FBI, and all that jazz…all the romance, all the terror in the streets. It’s all true. The Prohibition dateline in a nutshell starts before the actual enactment in 1919, when the 18th Amendment to our Constitution established the national Prohibition of the sale and transport of alcoholic beverages. It started with the very powerful Temperance Movement. The intent was to cut down on “Demon Rum” drunkenness and on crime. The effect was the opposite, so about 14 yrs. later the 21st Amendment Repealed the 18th Amendment. Making alcohol legal again eventually eliminated some of the mobster activity and it increased tax revenue during the nation’s hardest economic times!

National Repeal Day is December 5th, and I, for one, am going to celebrate in my usual annual fashion, with an adult beverage, watching my favorite all time comedy, Some Like It Hot, the madcap tale of two Jazz musicians who, having witnessed the Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago, a crime mob hit complete with machine guns, are forced to disguise themselves and join an all-female band bound for Florida and the promise of old rich millionaires. In black and white, and made in 1959, it still holds up more than 50 years later, long before I have had a sip.

What is our Steward Team doing to honor the Repeal of Prohibition?  As for me, I will toast the day. I admit I already have wine with dinner every evening. The anniversary of the 21st Constitutional Amendment only reminds me that it possible for me to do just that—enjoy wine with dinner. So, I will step out of my norm and lift a glass of all-Michigan Rye Whisky on the rocks from Long Road Distillers in Grand Rapids, MI in honor of ALL Craft Beverages we can now enjoy.

David Mulder in South Washington in Holland’s Family Fare is also honoring the occasion with a toast to Long Road Distillery’s fine products. In June, our whole team of Stewards took an amazing educational field trip to Long Road. In October, Long Road was named Best Craft Specialty Spirits Distillery in the country by USA Today! All their products are available in our Steward’s spirits departments. Hit up our expert team for recommendations and cocktail recipes.

Holly Cousineau in Fenton VGs is still deciding. “Hmm... I'd have to say my choices would either be a Moscow Mule (with Tito's obviously) or a nice glass (or bottle) of Castello del Poggio Sweet Rose.” She could do both!

George Walker Grand Haven D&W will be raising a couple of glasses of bubbly to Repeal Day.  He says, “What better way to celebrate a holiday than to have a sparkling that is both affordable and delicious! The Segura Cava is in my opinion one of our best values for the price while still being able to hold rich flavor!”

Becky Bjorkman in North Petoskey D&W thinks a Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Blend like Cooper & Thief (Merlot &Syrah with a hint of Zin and 3 months aging in Bourbon Barrels) would be an appropriate toast to both wine AND spirits!

Great Steward minds think alike!

Dawn Reinbold in Portage D&W has also chosen to toast Repeal Day with a big red wine aged in Bourbon Barrels. Her choice is aptly named! “I will be toasting with the Apothic Inferno; you have the best of both worlds.”

Penny Ross in Kalamazoo’s D&W Parkview D&W is on vacation, but we all know she will celebrate such an important anniversary. I am guessing something big and red, something with some cellar age on it, with a fine meal.

Scott Campbell in Breton Village D&W suggests a Sangria with a fruity, festive Cava “Topper,” a glass of Sangria over ice, topped off with sparkling Spanish Cava.

Cindy Chambers at Forest Hills Foods is going to lift a glass or 2 or 3 of the brand new Meiomi Sparkling Brut, made in the classic Champagne style with Chard and Pinot Noir grapes.

Says, Bob Goehring in Gaslight Village D&W, “I think I will do a Campari and soda.”
Jack Measley in the Cascade D&W says he might go “with a great stout, like CBS, “Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout,  much sought after and very recently released!

Cortney Powell at Williamston D&W’s says, “I picked the classic cocktail, the Negroni. I love this cocktail. It has a fruity-ness from the Campari, a little sweetness from the vermouth, and a great bitter balance from the gin, and the citrus aromas from the orange peel. I love the ‘old’ world feel of this drink, and for National Repeal Day I think that’s just the thing to toast to our American traditions.



  • 1oz gin
  • 1oz Campari
  • 1oz sweet vermouth
  • Orange peel for garnish


  • Combine all ingredients with ice and stir
  • Strain into highball over ice
  • Garnish with citrus peel

Pam Koeze at Knapp Crossing D&W proposes a most fitting cocktail: “I would toast the end of prohibition with a Godfather in an old-fashioned glass over ice: a shot of Amaretto, 2 oz of Jameson and cherries with the stems on!”

Tom McCarthy in Holland D&W, pretty much sums up the blessing of Repeal: “I will toast with whatever I have in my glass.”

What is in your glass this Repeal Day, December 5, 2018?

Roz Mayberry

About Roz:
During her distinguished career, Roz has served a term as the Retail Representative on the MDA's Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council and Continues to serve on their Promotion & Education and Competition Committees. In addition, she has served as a judge in various national and international wine competitions.

Working with D&W's wine stewards and SpartanNash's vendor partners, Roz tirelessly explores the vast world of wine, discovering the finest wines for every budget and every taste. And she loves to discuss food and wine with customers and colleagues. As a lifelong foodie, there is nothing else she'd rather be doing.