Check Out Now at Ada Fresh Market

Looking for a quicker way to shop? 

Save time and money at Ada Fresh Market with Check Out Now included in our newly updated Forest Hills Foods mobile app!  Shopping couldn't be easier, just scan and bag your items as you shop, pay at our exclusive Check Out Now checkout kiosk, and your ready to go. 

Follow these steps to Check Out Now at Ada Fresh Market:

  1. Connect to the Store WiFi at Ada Fresh Market

  2. Login with your Fresh Rewards account. This will allow you to receive all the benefits of Fresh Rewards, plus see a running total for your order.

  3. Download our newly updated Forest Hills Foods mobile app today to enjoy the convenience of Check Out Now at Ada Fresh Market.    

    Download Check Out Now App at the google play app store.

  4. Scan the barcode on products you wish to purchase and bag as you go.

  5. Can’t find a barcode? Simply type in the PLU provided or visit the electronic produce scale to add items.

  6. For quick and easy checkout, head over to the dedicated pay station.

  • Scan on your mobile device.
  • Bag your groceries.
  • Check Out Now at Ada Fresh Market!

What our customers are saying about Check Out Now:

"Easy to scan in items as I shopped."

"Running total. Quick check out. Able to use coupons."

"I liked that while the lines were looooong at normal and self check out, check out now had no line."

"Skipping the checkout lane. Bagging groceries as I shopped."

"How easy and fast it was to setup and use."


Ada Fresh Market by Forest Hills Foods 444 Ada Drive in Ada MI