14th Annual WZZM 13 Food for Families

Join us for the 14th Annual WZZM 13 Food for Families. We are collecting non-perishable donations June 9-16. This year’s goal is 200,000 pounds of food for local pantries in West Michigan.

Local food pantries are often inundated during the holiday season because people are in the spirit of giving, but the giving slows dramatically during the summer months. That's unfortunate because experts know hunger doesn't take a summer vacation. In fact, food pantries struggle to keep up with the demand for help during the summer months. And now there is a new face of hunger in our community. People who a few years ago were holding jobs and feeding their families without trouble, now need to rely on food pantries.

Because of that, we're teaming up with WZZM 13 this summer to help meet the needs of hungry families in West Michigan. The food will be divided among pantries throughout Western Michigan. Please do your part to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry at night.

Please give generously!