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Health and wellness is important, especially for your growing family. Full Circle products are better for you, yet fit within your budget. With a full line of natural and organic foods, mealtime is easy and healthy. Try these quick, and better-for-you recipes for simple ways to start the day, weeknight meals, and snacks the whole family will love. 
With Full Circle, you’ll love what’s in it for you.
  • Spiced Berry Oats

    How do you like your oats, ordinary or outstanding? We think we know the answer. Try our steel-cut oats with our organic berry medley, honey, and other tasty ingredients.


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  • Natural Breakfast Burrito

    Fresh avocado takes this Mexican classic beyond the border of heavenly. Organic salsa, uncured bacon, cilantro, and other key ingredients fill it with even greater flavor.


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  • Whey Berry Protein Shake

    Want to make smarter choices? Strawberry whey protein powder, vanilla yogurt, and a frozen or fresh berry medley make for one delicious decision.


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  • Tuscan Sausage and Kale Soup

    Fresh Italian sausage and baby kale. The contrast is complementary, and deliciously enhanced by organic red potatoes, great northern beans, chicken broth, and more.


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  • Gourmet Cheese and Pesto Panini

    Layer three cheeses, herbs, and pesto sauce between bread slices for gooeyness on the inside, crunch on the outside, amazing flavor in every bite.


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  • Grilled Chicken Sliders

    Homemade sliders are sublime, and easy to make. These go down deliciously with our organic barbecue sauce, romaine lettuce, red onions, and more.


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  • Turkey Chili

    Pull out a whole bunch of savory spices and herbs to make this tasty, satisfying classic come to life. Black beans, corn, and Anaheim pepper add color, too.


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  • Parmesan & Almond Crusted Chicken

    Tender inside, creatively tasty outside. Poultry becomes more palate-pleasing with a coating of grated Parmesan cheese and chopped Full Circle almonds.


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  • Vegetable-Filled Crepes

    Just how good can a homemade crepe be? Let us count the ways: broccoli, zucchini, carrots, corn, roasted red pepper, garlic and herb cheese, chives.


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