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Sub sandwich with lunch meats, cheese and Vegetables on cutting board with chips and salsa in background

3', 4', 5', 6' Super Subs

Party-sized versions of our popular subs filled with sliced meats and cheeses plus crisp veggies piled high on our freshly baked bread. Choose from Italian or American. (Select stores only)

3' Serves:  12-15      4' Serves:  16-20      5' Serves:  21-24      6' Serves:  25-30

dividing line
  • Platter with sandwich wraps


    An assortment of snack-sized pinwheels layered with our cream cheese,
    Ham or Turkey, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, lettuce and tomato.

    Serves:  Small 12-16      Medium 25-30      Large 30-35


  • Platter with croissant sandwiches


    Choose from mini butter croissants topped with Turkey,Ham and Roast Beef or Chicken Salad. 

    Serves:  Small 15-20      Medium 24-30      35-40


dividing line
  • Slider sandwiches with lunch meats and cheese on a wooden serving board


    Delightful mini sandwiches of Ham and Swiss, Smoked Turkey
    and Provolone or Roast Beef and Colby on a King’s Hawaiian roll. 

    Serves:  Small 10-12      Medium 18-20      Large 28-30

  • An assortment of cut vegetables for sandwiches on a white plate


    An assortment of the freshest items to top off that perfect sandwich.

    Serves:  25-30

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gourmet cheese with crackers on cutting board


Build that perfect sandwich with your choice of our signature cheeses, including Yellow American, Muenster, Colby Jack, Swiss, Colby, Pepper Jack and Provolone.

Serves:  Small  8-10       Medium 15-20       Large 25-30

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