Re-Grand Opening

The NEW Forest Hills Foods

Where great taste just got even BETTER

We’re re-introducing Forest Hills Foods to the neighborhood! All the same homemade variety, convenience, freshness, and exceptional service, but even MORE in store. Since 1959, Forest Hills Foods has been a destination for people who love great food - without you, we wouldn’t be here today.

We invite you to see what’s new - better, fresher, and more made from scratch than ever before.

Betty Kayes
Betty Kaye’s Smokehouse

All the way from rural Tennessee BBQ country, Betty Kaye brought her from scratch, smokehouse recipes for eat in or takeout. Special sauces, made with love, dress her famous smokehouse meats. And don’t forget the sides! It’s clean your plate good.  Learn more about Betty Kaye's here.


The Fresh Divide at Forest Hills Foods

Fresh Divide

Short on time? Bring your produce to the Fresh Divide and our experienced staff will chop it by request, while you shop! Sliced, diced, julienned - just how you like it; they’ll have it ready for you to cook or serve. We compost what’s left for zero waste.

We’ve doubled our produce variety to include more organics, so you have double the assortment! You’ll find 350 varieties in store, EVERY DAY. Let us do the work for you…

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  • Filling Station at Forest Hills Foods

    Michigan Craft Beers by the Growler or Crowler

    Stop by the new Filling Station for a growler or crowler of sought-after local beer. New technology allows us to reduce waste and extend the shelf life to 30 days or more. Typical pours last only 1-2 days. Our crowlers feature first-of-its-kind twist tops! Pick up 32 or 64 ounce growlers or 32 ounce crowlers.

  • Fresh Fruit & Veggie Juices at Forest Hills Foods

    Fresh Fruit & Veggie Juices

    It’s not just fresh squeezed OJ anymore. We’re making fresh juice in store with all the health benefits; bold blends with beets, greens, assorted herbs, watermelon, apple, carrot, and more. Fresh made. Packed with flavor and nutrients. No additives, just pure juice.

  • Kombucha Growler from Forest Hills Foods

    Kombucha by the Growler

    Love the probiotic benefits of Kombucha? So do we. Now offering 4 fresh made Kombucha flavors on tap. Purchase a growler and take the freshness home. Reuse, recycle, re FRESH. Flavors: Original, Gingerade, Trilogy, and Pink Lady Basil.

  • Meal Kits from Forest Hills Foods Deli

    Meal Kits

    NEW from our Deli chefs - MEAL KITS for 2! Everything you need for a balanced, delicious meal for 2, you take it home and add the heat - dinner is served in 30 minutes! Directions included. Look for the cooler in our Deli department for what’s on the menu this week. Only $14.99! 

  • Exclusive Michigan Pours from Forest Hills Foods

    Exclusive Michigan Pours

    Drink local in our exclusive Michigan craft beer and wine section! Pick up your favorite or find a new local treasure from the Great Lakes state.

  • New Recycling Station at Forest Hills Foods

    NEW Recycling Station

    Bring your plastic, paper, and corks and we’ll recycle them. Our dedicated bins are located in store for convenient drop off. 

  • Living Well Meats at Forest Hills Foods

    Living Well Meats

    All the flavor but leaner and better for you, shop our selection of Living Well meats! The assortment of healthier proteins falls into four categories: USDA Organic, Non GMO, low fat, low sodium, or all natural. Look for Open Acres, Jenny O, Smart Chicken, Dakota, and Laura’s brands in this section. We’ve got the largest selection of organic and grass-fed meats in town!

  • Living Well Gluten Free at Forest Hills Foods

    More Gluten Free

    Another Living Well benefit - we’ve added even more Gluten Free items like pasta, crackers, baking mixes, and more. Look for the Living Well icons in store and our dedicated Gluten Free section in the grocery aisle. Our bakery is always stocked with Gluten Free treats, check out local company Kind Crumbs.

  • Izzio Artesan Breads at Forest Hills Foods

    Izzio Bread

    An artisan bread, what they call seed to loaf.  Izzio bread uses pure ingredients grown locally out of Colorado, is Non-GMO and comes in 25 different varieties. Don't miss this delightful new offering.

Fresh Rewards Loyalty at Forest Hills Foods

Fresh Rewards

Forest Hills Foods is proud to offer our customers Fresh Rewards. Just shopping at Forest Hills Foods and using Fresh Rewards at checkout will bring you special savings in the store and at the pump.  And when you designate a school or community group that is important to you and your family, they'll be rewarded for your spending in our store!