Fresh Deli Party Platters and Trays

Fresh Party Trays from Forest Hills Foods

24 Hour advance ordering required.

We Make Entertaining Easy!

Appetizers, salads, sandwiches and more, let the Deli Team at Forest Hills Foods create the perfect Party Trays for your next event.

Made to order with only the finest quality ingredients, and thoughtfully prepared to meet your satisfaction and impress your guests. 

Most party trays come in three sizes unless indicated otherwise in the description:

Small: Serves 5-12

Medium: Serves 13-20

Large: Serves 21-28

We also offer custom-made trays.  Speak to one of our Deli Associates about special orders.  Please note that 24 hour advance ordering is required for all orders.

Contact Forest Hills Foods Deli department for details on how we can make your next event a success:

Phone: 616-949-0240 | Fax: 616-949-9129

  • Sweet Indulgence Party Tray from Forest Hills Foods

    Sweet Indulgence

    The perfect sweet tooth cure with bite-size cookie and cake bars.

  • Simple Pleasures Party Tray from Forest Hills Foods

    Simple Pleasures

    Nature's sweetest fruits create simple eating pleasure!  These fresh, seasonal favorites are beautifully arranged to surround a delectable fruit dip.  (Fruit subject to seasonal availability)

  • Bon Appetite Party Tray from Forest Hills Foods

    Bon Appetite

    The robust flavor of cheese is paired with the sweetness of fresh fruit!  This medley is sure to delight anyone. (Fruit subject to seasonal availability.)

  • Garden Refresher Party Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    Garden Refresher

    Garden freshness at its best describes this bountiful arrangement of crisp, cool vegetables.  This tray is perfect for a party or feast and includes a delicious dill dip.

  • Bridge Club Party Tray from Forest Hills Foods

    Bridge Club

    This amazing assortment of delicious finger sandwiches filled with ham, chicken, tuna, and pimento salad will delight visitors.  It's garnished with sliced radishes and green onions.

  • Big Game Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    Big Game Platter

    The perfect kickoff!  A tempting array of bite-sized pepperoni, beef sticks, beef snackers, smoked Gouda, Gold'n Jack, Muenster and string cheese.

  • European Gourmet Party Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    European Gourmet

    Cheese connoisseurs will love the melange of flavorful cheeses that we’ve artfully assembled on this tray. Gouda, Brie, Chavrie, and Dill Havarti are just a few of the varieties offered.

  • American Classics Party Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    American Classics

    Variety is the spice of life and what a combination this tray offers! Six varieties of fresh sliced cheeses are perfect for sandwiches or tasty nibbling.

  • The Nibbler Party Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    The Nibbler

    A tray for all seasons, for all occasions, and for all meat and cheese lovers. The four featured meats and four cheeses are all bite-sized, easy to enjoy and a guaranteed hit with any crowd. 

  • Meat Lovers Party Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    Meat Lovers

    Here's an ample supply of sandwich favorites.  Included are four full flavored meats, thinly sliced, plus a fresh relish center.  It's attractively arranged so that you'll love what you taste and like what you see!  Make it a premium meat platter by substituting Dietz & Watson brand Virginia Ham, Cooked Ham, Gourmet Lite Turkey and Black Forest Turkey.

  • The Entertainer Party Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    The Entertainer

    You don't see this kind of variety very often.  Three meats and three cheeses make up this appetizing tray.  An assortment of relish favorites and leaf lettuce provide the perfect garnish.  Delicious!

  • Shrimp Spectacular Party Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    Shrimp Spectacular

    Succulent, chilled shrimp will surely satisfy the most discrimating palate.  This tray comes ready-to-serve with fresh, extra-large shrimp and is garnished with zesty cocktail sauce and fresh lemon slices.

  • Party Pinwheels Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    Party Pinwheels

    Your guests will enjoy this creative assortment of sandwiches filled with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and our special seasonings.  Add a special twist to any business lunch or party.

  • Continental Choice Party Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    Continental Choice

    Fresh petite croissants are generously filled with tender ham, succulent turkey and hearty roast beef along with crisp lettuce and a slice of cheese. Serve for brunch, lunch, a party or picnic! 

  • Mini Sandwich Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    Mini Sandwich Platter

    Always a crowd pleaser!  Our fresh baked kaiser rolls filled with beef, turkey or ham and topped with an assortment of Swiss or Cheddar cheese. 

  • Sandwich Wraps Party Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    Sandwich Wraps

    Assorted lawash-style wrap sandwiches including Chicken Caesar, Turkey Ranch Wrap, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Roast Beef with Goat Cheese.

  • Three Foot Sub from Forest Hills Foods Deli

    Three Foot Sub

    A real crowd pleaser!  This giant sub is piled high with ham, roast beef, turkey and turkey pastrami, Swiss and American cheese with lettuce and tomato on our special house-baked hearth bread.  Servings: 4-5 per foot.

  • Brunch Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    Brunch Platter

    A sweet and savory assortment of bagels, mini muffins, cheese, smoked salmon, fresh fruit and petite quiches.  One size: Serves 13-20.

  • Tasty Tenders from Forest Hills Foods

    Tasty Tenders

    Whether you're planning a picnic, party or simple get-together, this delicious tray of fried chicken tenders is a crowd-pleasing treat.  The tangy barbecue sauce center adds real dippin' pleasure!

  • Entertaining Tapas Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    Entertaining Tapas 

    Olives and more...our selection of bite-sized international specialties will keep your guests nibbling and mingling with plenty of flat bread squares to go around.  One size: Serves 10-12.

  • Antipasto Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    Antipasto Tempter

    An extravaganza of Italian flavor tempts the tastebuds on this tray of pepperoncini, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, sopressata, hard salami, capicolla, provolone, prosciutto, asparagus and more.

  • Supreme Salad party tray from Forest Hills Foods Deli

    Supreme Salads

    Choose between Rainbow Cob, Seven Layer Salad, Chicken Caesar, or Garden Salad.

  • Fiesta Pleaser Party Platter from Forest Hills Foods

    Fiesta Pleaser

    It's a true fiesta of flavors from south of the border.  Serve this layered dipping favorite made with refried beans, Mexicalli dip, salsa, sour cream and fresh garnish at your next party.  

  • Deviled Eggs Party Tray from Forest Hills Foods

    Deviled Egg Platter

    Our old fashion deviled eggs decoratively garnished with olive slices.

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