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Behind the Counter with our Cheese Connoisseur

Stephen has been with Forest Hills Foods for almost a year and is known as the Cheese Expert to many in the community. Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge to his customers and co-workers at Forest Hills Foods. His favorite treat?  Shakerag, which is raw cow’s milk blue cheese wrapped in local fig leaves that have been soaked in Chattanooga Whiskey.

Stephen's Picks

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We’re proud to support local

We are proud to support Michigan businesses by offering locally and regionally grown fruits and vegetables, meats, and other products throughout our stores. From hometown brews to nearby salsa we carry over 2,000 local items.

Where shopping
is a pleasure

Established in 1959, Forest Hills Foods has been the hometown grocery store for customers in Ada, Cascade, and Forest Hills. 

It’s known for its fresh foods, easy meals, quality specialty items, superb customer service, and giving back to the community. The store carries organic and local produce, offers a fresh meat and fish department, a wonderful deli and bakery, a great wine and beer selection and flowers. Forest Hills Foods is the local gathering place for snacks, coffee and lunch. In 2019, the Ada Fresh Market by Forest Hills Foods opened, providing the local community with on-trend, high-demand grocery favorites in a smaller format store for busy customers and nearby businesses.