Dove Antiperspirant, Eucalyptus + Birch, Refreshing, Dry Spray 3.8 Oz

If you're looking for an antiperspirant deodorant for men with long-lasting protection against sweat and odor, look no further than NEW Dove Men+Care antiperspirant dry spray with a Eucalyptus and Birch scent. Designed for men on the move, this dry spray deodorant contains plant-based moisturizer and natural essential oils that offer you 48-hour odor protection along with a natural inspired freshness. This anti-perspirant dry spray is tough on odor but not on skin. The result? Long-lasting protection that works to keep you feeling fresh and dry for 48 hours. For the most effective protection, give the can a shake before you spray this antiperspirant on smoothly, let the fresh, crisp scent of Eucalyptus oil and Birch give you protection that works against sweat and odor. You can also rest assured that this antiperspirant is cruelty-free, as part of Dove's global mission. Complete your grooming routine with the entire Dove Men + Care natural inspired range. Pair this deodorant with the Dove Men + Care Eucalyptus + Cedar Body Wash and Dove Men + Care Dry Spray Lime + Sage. Or try our other Dove Men + Care 0% Aluminum deodorant sticks and sprays, available in invigorating scents like Lime + Sage and soothing ones like Sandalwood + Orange.