Monistat Feminine Cleanser, With Boric Acid 10 Fl Oz

Monistat Maintain Feminine Cleanser with Boric Acid is a fragrance-free wash that gently cleanses away feminine odor and discharge without irritating sensitive skin. This feminine wash contains a patent-pending unique boric acid complex for balanced pH-levels; it provides a safe and gentle cleanse that matches a healthy and balanced pH based upon the natural pH range of a woman's external intimate area. For when you want an extra gentle clean, Monistat’s cleanser for women helps you feel clean and refreshed. This feminine wash is perfect for after a workout, before going out, or whenever you need a soothing refresh. Non-irritating and providing a gentle cleanse, Monistat Maintain Feminine Cleanser with Boric Acid is gynecologist-tested and is safe for everyday use. Never fret about vaginal odor or discharge with this fragrance-free wash. For a fresh and clean feeling that is gentle enough for even sensitive skin and intimate areas, this feminine cleanser can be a staple in your feminine care routine. This feminine cleanser is made with purified water and comes from Monistat, the brand tested by gynecologists and trusted by you. This product is not intended to treat a vaginal yeast infection. Monistat also offers other products for feminine care such as itching and irritation, odor, chafing, and discharge, including a product range that provides symptom relief for vaginal yeast infections. Feel better faster at home with Monistat.