Cheddies Cheesy Crackers, Classic Sea Salt, Crunch 4.2 Oz

Love in the cheese. Verified land to market. Less ingredients more cheese. All about the cheese. Quality cheese! Regenerative Agriculture: Regenerative Agriculture is a farming method focused on building soil health promoting biodiversity. Small, often family-operated farms, dedicate their lives to improving the land, its animals, and their community to the very highest degree. These stewards constantly strive to learn and adapt the natural processes that nurture and feed life on the farm. It's these efforts that protect our access to high quality food and a sustainable future. Animal raised on pasture! Specially source from farms using regenerative methods! Family owned. Cheese sourced from regenerative farm. Supporting regenerative farmlands. Good for the body. Good for the planet. Regenerative! Sustainable farming. Visit our website to learn more!