Elementa Nano Silver Winter Mint Mouthrinse 20 Oz

Revolutionary oral care. Nano silver + xylitol + calcium. Neutralizes oral acid. Kills bad breath. Soothes dry mouth. Whitens teeth. Dentist formulated with plant silver. BFP Nanotec: Our patent-pending technology uses plant-based Nano Silver particles to open channels in the BioFilm, aka Plaque to allow the tooth to uptake much needed Calcium & Xylitol while neutralizing oral acid. We created this revolutionary breakthrough because, as dentists, we were frustrated by other products that merely bounce off of the BioFilm barrier and have marginal effects on your teeth. Dentist Formulated: We are Dentists. We engineered this formula because we were tired of telling patients to brush more and enjoy sugar less, even though those things weren't solving the issues. Our revolutionary BFP NanoTech breakthrough is changing the way dentists have looked at dental products for the last 100 years. Kill bad bacteria. Fluoride free. Sugar Doesn't cause cavities, Acid does. - Dr. Ryan Nolan, DMD. Despite popular belief, sometimes brushing more and eating sugar less sugar still doesn’t prevent cavities. Traditional oral care products aren't fighting the real issue, bad PH levels. Harmful oral acid is created when carbs we eat are consumed by bacteria. Carbs sugar + bacteria = acid. Most mouth rinse brands attempt to kill bacteria with formulas that only introduce more and acid into the mouth. Our nano silver rinse neutralizes acid, targets bad bacteria and delivers calcium + xylitol directly to your teeth. See your current product lands on the PH scale. Cavity producing levels. Neutral. Effective. Battery acid 1.0 PH; Soda pop 2.5 PH; 3.9 PH/4.9 PH; 4.3 PH. 7.8 PH. No animal ingredients. Diabetic safe. ElementaSilver.com. Test Your Rinse: Order a free acid test kit to find out where your current mouth rinse lands on the pH scale at ElementaSilver.com. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)