Death Wish Coffee Co Coffee, Ground, Blueberry & Vanilla 12 Oz

The world's strongest coffee. Blue & buried. Bury your blues in berries. Send the snooze button six feet under with Blue and Buried. Like a thick slice of blueberry coffee cake, this bag is brimming with natural flavors of homemade blueberry jam, luscious vanilla and sweet Vietnamese cinnamon. Behold your fully baked wake-up call: double-strong, medium-roasted coffee that gets you out of your skull and into the daily grind. A heavy hitter brewed hot or over ice, drown your cup in cream and sugar for the full death-by-decadence experience. Fair Trade certified. Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA. Organic Chemistry. When you buy USDA Organic Certified, you support sustainability for coffee farms. No decent land? No decent coffee. And that's no way to live. Reap what you sow. When you buy Fair Trade Certified coffee, you support fair wages for farmers, safe and sustainable farming practices and community development funds in coffee-growing regions.