Coca Cola Cola, Futuristic Flavored, Y3000 20 Fl Oz

Coca-Cola believes real magic lies in imagining and shaping a future world through Coca-Cola® Creations and the possibilities of technology. New from Coca-Cola® Creations, look into the year 3000 with Coca-Cola® Y3000 – the first limited-edition Coke flavor from the future. Created to show us an optimistic vision of what’s to come, where humanity and technology are more connected than ever. Coca-Cola® Y3000 was created with the brilliance of humans and artificial intelligence. In a first-of-its-kind, AI was leveraged to help bring the flavor of tomorrow to Coke fans. Taste the Future now. Like all other Coca-Cola® Creations, Coca-Cola® Y3000 will be available for a limited time only. Pick up a Coca-Cola® Y3000 and get a glimpse into the future world.