Simple Mills Crackers, Organic, Seed Flour, Garlic & Herb 4.25 Oz

Only purposeful ingredients. Nothing artificial ever. Feel what good food can do. Food has the power to transform how you feel. To help you live your fullest life. At Simple Mills, we're passionate about harnessing that power. We select only simple, purposeful ingredients, and nothing artificial ever. We're raising the bar. Raising expectations that food can be both delicious and nourishing, so you can thrive. - Katin & The Simple Mills Team. Superchange your snack. Our seed flour blend delivers protein, fiber, antioxidants and valuable nutrients to fuel your body. Sunflower seeds. Flax seeds. Pumpkin seeds. You'll also love our cookies. Bards. Baking mixes. Be friendly to the planet, please recycle. We support organic farming because it builds healthy soil by using practices like: Cover crops to protect the land. Diverse crop rotations to break pest cycles. Organic amendments to recycle nutrients. Healthy soil is the foundation for a healthy planet.