Mc Cormick Gourmet California Lemon Peel, 1.5 Oz

McCormick Gourmet sources its lemon peel from California, where the year-round warm weather and fertile soil produces lush lemon trees. Our dried lemon peel is finely grated allowing its zesty lemon flavor to shine in your dishes. Enjoy the flavorful convenience of always having lemon peel on hand. Our dried lemon peels are an easy one-to-one substitute for fresh lemon peel in any recipe. Add flavorful lemon peel to yogurt, fruit salad, and baked goods and desserts like muffins and lemon bars. When it comes to meal time, say yes to the zest – no grating needed! Add our lemon peel to seafood, chicken, pasta, vegetables, marinades and dressings. Never worry about having fresh lemons when you can reach for our Gourmet California Lemon Peel.