Busy Small/Medium Breed Dog Rawhide Treat, Rib Hide 8.75 Oz

Calorie Content (calculated)(ME): 3945 kcal/kg, 195 kcal/piece. Made with real beefhide. Rich in protein. Brand chew treat. Small/Med. Ribhide a long-lasting slab worth slobbering over. Handcrafted into the shape of a rib. Long-lasting chew helps clean teeth. Treated by irradiation for freshness & quality. purina.com. PurinaTreats.com. Shop the entire lineup of Busy chew treats at PurinaTreats.com. Product of Colombia. Create time for fun with your devoted dog when you offer him one of these Purina Busy Rib Hide dog treats. These dog chews feature real beefhide as the #1 ingredient, so you can rest easy knowing his snacks are made with high-quality ingredients. Each of these bones for dogs is carefully handcrafted in the shape of a rib, serving as an irresistible visual cue that something delicious is coming his way, and the long-lasting chew keeps your best buddy busy when you don't have time to play. He's sure to wag his tail for the delicious taste found in every chew bone, and you can feel good about giving him a wholesome snack option backed by a trusted brand. Make this Purina Busy dog treat recipe a tasty complement to his complete and balanced diet, and show your canine companion just how much his love and friendship mean to you with every yummy bite.; Reward your dog with the ultimate chew experience when you give him one of these Purina Busy Rib Hide dog treats. Each treat is made with rawhide from 100 percent farm-raised cattle, giving you added peace of mind every time you hand him one of these long-lasting dog chews. The rib shape gets him excited at snack time, and the beefhide texture satisfies his natural instinct to chew, keeping him engaged right down to the last nibble. Give one to your dog when he greets you at the door after a long day at the office, or use one as a treat the next time you spend time together at the dog park. The tempting taste serves as a delicious reminder of the special bond you share, helping you to make the most of your time together. Feed these dog chew treats according to the serving instructions based on your dog's weight. For even more delectable goodness, let your dog explore the complete line of Purina Busy dog treats and chews, including Purina Busy Rollhide and Busy Chewnola dog treats. Your dog is your constant companion, and as a devoted pet parent, you want to make sure he gets high-quality treats you can feel confident serving your best friend. At Purina, we make quality the top priority in everything we do. Every batch undergoes checks to ensure its quality and safety to give you added peace of mind. These dog treats are packaged in resealable pouches, helping to preserve freshness and quality while also giving you a convenient way to store the leftover portion between servings. Purina Busy is backed by our more than 85 years of innovation pushing pet nutrition forward, and it's a line we're proud to produce for your dog. Give him a captivating snacking experience he can truly savor when you offer up Purina Busy Rib Hide dog treats.; Keep your dog happily working away at one of these Purina Busy Rib Hide dog treats. Each chew features real beefhide as the #1 ingredient, and the rib shape entices your dog when it's time to play.