These hot summer months aren't complete without crowded baseball stands, long concession lines, chanting and cheering. Although our favorite teams will be returning to the stadium, fans will have to stay home for the game, doesn't mean we can't bring the game to you!

Here's our guide to the perfect baseball game watch party — social distancing applied of course!

The first step to your baseball watch party is decorating your viewing area. Your decor should give off the "Play-Ball!" feel. Most importantly, have a large TV or a projector of your choice for optimal baseball watching. Make sure you have enough seating for your guests to view the TV! (Check out our TV giveaway contest to win a new 55 inch TV!) Use matching napkins, plates, and balloons to support your home team's colors, and be sure to have a banner or flag representing your favorite team's colors! Lastly, what is a ball game without playing under the lights!? Hang some decorative lights around your entertainment space to complete your "at home ballpark."

The second step of the ultimate baseball watch party is of course, "America's Favorite SNACKtime!" We have a bunch of ballpark bites and delicious desserts to transport you right back to your home stadium. Recreate our loaded cheese fries, soft pretzel dips or the ballpark favorite: chili dogs. 

You can take advantage of red and white frosting to make all your desserts look like baseballs! Shop the Fast Lane for frosting or ingredients to make it from scratch. Coat the surface with a layer of white frosting and add two red curved lines on each side. Add some red dashes to the lines and you have the perfect baseball treat! A baseball game is never complete without cotton candy or peanuts, so add these to your snack table as well for some fun munchies for the kids and guests.

Lastly, pair your watch party with an ice-cold brew or seltzer. Have coolers filled with guest favorites from bud light to craft beer with labels for easy access and limited physical contact. 

Don't forget about the kids, though! Have an ice-cold lemonade spout for a fun "do-it-yourself" drink station, along with sports drinks so the kids can feel like they are one of the players! Be sure to have water readily available so everyone stays hydrated if it is an afternoon game time. 

With these tips, you won't miss a beat for this 2020 baseball season. Call up your closest friends and baseball lovers and keep your party to a smaller group to conform with social distancing guidelines. Just think, it's all from the comfort of your own home with homerun ballpark snacks. Now pass the remote and the chilidogs!