Halo Top

Your new favorite ice cream, in stores now!

Guilt. Free. Ice. Cream.

We can't emphasize how long we've been waiting to say that. A dessert treat so tasty like ice cream, but without the anxiety when you realize that you've just consumed like a million calories in a single sitting - whoops.

Thanks to Halo Top, the new ice cream brand that's sweeping the nation, we have a healthier, guilt-free version of our ultimate treat-yourself delight. By using Stevia and other all-natural sweeteners, Halo Top is able to offer delicious ice cream at... wait for it... drumroll Please...

240 Calories per Pint.

Halo Top Ice Cream

Seriously, that's like 60 calories per serving; and compared to other ice creams that have roughly FOUR TIMES the calorie amount, this is a pretty sweet deal.

*Some Food (or Ice Cream) for Thought: If riding a bike for 30 minutes does in fact burn 300 calories, you could eat a pint Halo Top while riding and still burn more calories than when you started. You're welcome for that tidbit.

Halo Top availability and variety varies by location. Check with your local store to see if your favorite flavor is in stock!

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